free image hosting

please tell everyone who posts images at a free host. it is very easy for them and you to explain where to get good free hosting of images, without any hotlinking bans or anything.

hosted on full speed servers.


thanks people. we have heaps of bandwidth spare so just do it, and lets make the gallery hub a popular place for people to visit.

if you want to add your site to the hub and donate bandwidth (by installing the software etc…) then please just give me a bell and i can help set it up.

we can alocate whatever percentage of new users you like. i.e. you have 1 gb bandwidth and one of our sites has 8 then you could ask for only 1/8th of the users.


Thanks Alltaken :smiley:

[Off topic]How do you get that custom title?[/Off topic]

He was given that title when he told his story with that one doctor’s visit.