free ipod adds, and 1 gig email

2 things:
-u know those ‘free ipod’ ads that are all over the internet and at is this legit? has anyone actually gotten a free ipod?
-anyone not using gmail, u can get a free 1 gig account a if u want
all the benefits of gmail and a better ui (i think)
sry to post 2 things at once, just easier

That’s cool about the walla thing… I signed up to check it out but I like gmail better. Faster in my opinion. Pretty cool though. Also @gmail sounds better than @walla but hey again, my opinion.

I recently read that they weren’t able to give away the iPods because Apple wasn’t making them fast enough. Do it at your own risk, and with the knowledge that you’ll be spammed until death for doing it.

Yea, but if you DO get one, let us know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Loads of people have, it’s no secret. They get the money to pay for it through the (power of six) people who they are able to spam mercilessly.

does it cost any money to get one?
they say its free, but a lot of times it isnt really
i have a spam email account anyways, so im not too worried about spam

The cost is you and your friends get a lot of spam

We already went through this once before. The short of it in order to get a free iPod you have to provide your personal information including an Email account that you can’t disable (otherwise you don’t get the iPod) for their sponsors (read: advertisers and paid spammers) and convince 6 other people to do the same. For them to get their iPod they must also get 6 other people etc. etc. etc.

The problem here is that you are giving explicit permission for them to sell your name, address, age, financial information, Email address, and anything else you have to provide to anyone they care to sell it to.

Good luck.

gmail is much better than walla :smiley:
free ipods was working but now there’s a lot of “lag” in the system because everyone is trying to do it. If you want something free try for the $250 itunes gift certificate which comes much faster and is just as valuable

Wouldn’t it be possible to creat several email addresses and some bogus info for your “friends”? Maybe you could make a temporary PO box for them to send the ipod to also.

I reccomend doing it if you have an e-mail that you don’t use a lot. Then they can spam you all they want without interfering with your real e-mail