Free Italian marble wall tile material

(download at the bottom, also, if this is in the wrong section, I apologize in advance. I was not sure where this thread would be best placed)

Recently I began working on a project for someone. We needed a good material based on some italian made wall tiles for a bathroom that was forwarded to us from the interior designer. This material is sort of the lite version of what I made for the project. Slightly different and I didnt bother with a subsurface map but the general principle is the same. Being that I havn’t seriously participated in the comunity in quite some time, I felt I might share this with you all.

I made everything procedurally from scratch so no need to worry about any licensing limitations in that regard… Consider this CC0 so to speak. I dont need attribution of any kind if you would prefer not to say and you are free to use it however you like. Although I am waving my copyright, I do ask on a more personal level that if you share the textures on their own that you do not claim to have made them yourself, or turn around and sell them, but ultimately, I cannot stop you so if you choose to do so, I suppose more power to you.

I love free materials good and bad alike so hopefully you enjoy this and hopefully you get some good use out of it!


EDIT: I forgot do remove the fresnel node from my setup. This node should only be used for non principled shaders. It is completely pointless on this shader so if you already downloaded it and see this, go ahead and just delete that node but keep the math right above it that is plugged into specular. I just updated the file now for anyone downloading it in the future.

I was asked about including my material setup also. Below you can download the .blend file for the project. To load it into an existing scene, for anyone who doesn’t already know, in your existing project go to file, append, navigate to and double click the Italian Black Marble blend file, go into materials, and grab the Italian Marble 2 material and then append. It probably will not automatically apply it to your object but it will appear in your materials drop down.

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The texture looks really nice. I don’t have a use for it yet, but I am sure going to make a use for it.

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Im really glad you like it!