[FREE LANCE] Looking for a character Modeler and Animator! (Low Poly, Hand Painted)

Hi, My names Peter and I operate a small game dev studio at home.
I"m currently wrapping up a prototype of my VR game running in Unreal Engine 4, and I’m ready to start filling in my placeholders with actual Characters and Models.

I, myself; work on the game as an audio producer, level designer, and some custom Mesh objects when I need them to build certain things.
However, I really lack the knowledge and capabilities to create a decent looking Bi-PED character model, let alone rigging it and animating it.

The game is a LOWER poly FPS, and I have illustrations needed for the character(s) that I’ll need done. The designs are relatively simple and do not feature intense details.
If you take a look at the game “Paladins” for a reference, the character models in that game are pretty close to what I’m looking for. They’re less Poly Intensive, and more detailed with the hand painted textures. I guess like your classic MMORPG characters from world of warcraft.

The theme and setting is based around a more laid back sci-fi, and does not really rely on technology to keep the theme organized. Some areas are full of organic materials, while other areas looking as if they’ve been converted to a new era of tech overlapping a decaying concrete society.

I am pretty flexible as far as time and payment goes.
I usually like to pay half up front, and then the second half upon completion.
Each character should need no more than 10 animation cycles, and most actually no more than 6 if they’re not a player character.
Payments are negotiable of course, But keep in mind I’d like to keep The character Model +Rigging separate from the animation work. I tend to start my Base payment for each character+Rig at $50, and we can go from there based upon your credentials and time alloted to the task.

I’d advise you email me at: [email protected] to get in contact with me faster; As I’m newer to this website and don’t necessarily check it as much as my email.

I really look forward to hearing from anyone, and I’m eager to get started!

Thanks for your time,
-Peter VoidKraft LLC

So you are offering a payment of kinda 2$/h, maybe 3 if I’m good? I’m very tempted…
Maybe you could hire some chimps and pay them with bananas…

Yeah, maybe like $3 if you’re slow.
Most 3D modelers I know can whip up a character model in less than an hour.
Did you know At Activision studios in Santa Monica they pay their interns $11 an hour?
The list of tasks needed to accomplish each hour are pretty high up there.
I’m not exactly expecting Pro work from a place like Activision studios here at blenderarists.org,
But at the same time, I’m not going to pay top dollar for work that has no valid certificate other than your “word”.

Stop complaining guys. If someone offers work, that’s a good thing.
Some of the works are done for free, so does it hurt to get few bucks
for modeling for someone.

I could model, but I cannot make an IK

@Voidcraft, Your argument makes no sense, interns maybe get $11 an hour as you say, but employees get more and freelancers get much more. In many companies interns get nothing. You are not looking for interns, you are looking for freelancers, or are you going to teach stuff and fix screw ups?

$50 for a complete character is really cheap, Did you know that big game companies can spend $80,000 on one character to have it as a asset?

Having said that, you were pretty clear about what your budget is, and if somebody doesn’t want that they can just leave it or start a sensible discussion instead of being immediately hostile.

I will say this as friendly as I can, for these prices you cannot expect professional work or close to it. And if you do get good quality, than some artist sold him/her-self short.

I wish you good luck.

Work for free does not exist, that is called volunteering. Work must be paid fairly. I wouldn’t want to be hostile, but when one says that most of the modelers he knows can whip up a character in less than one hour is insulting all of us. And he’s also clearly saying that he knows nothing about how it works. So, as I said, if there are chimps here who want to work for bananas, go ahead…

In a nutshell, it’s a free market but you get what you pay for.

Coen4d said it perfectly.

Cheap, good, fast. Pick two, the rule always applies. But at $2 / $3, nope, that’s bordering on free and given someone would be investing several hours work, you’re talking really of someone doing it as a tryout / fun experience. You’d need to be offering several magnitudes more to even attract a “serious” CA person.

You can get for 20$ a character in unitystore: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/80851

The artist have sell it 5 times (minimum), That’s why probably no real game artist will accept your offer, and people who want to learn will not be interested because this does not look like a real project.

My humble recommendation; Better look for volunteering artist more honest more value for you and the artist.

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