free lazers

Freeeeeeeeee lazer


lazers.blend (265 KB)

ur advertising all wrong, you need screen shots.

So… some plain blend textures and some stamps that come built into the GIMP?

Okay… Couldve done this in 4 seconds.
Was hopin for at least a decent model…
Why is there an apple in the texture??

could you upload just the texture map?

For the actual lazers that you fire you should have a non local upwards force of 9.8. This means that they won’t be affected by gravity (The forces will cancel)

You should also set them to being Ghosts. You can still detect collisions with ghosts so they can “touch” things but they don’t have any interactions with the physics. Firing physical objects can lead to weird interactions.

I would recommend doing that for all bullet types but for lazers especially since they are just light and light cant (noticeablely) push things and is negligibly effected by gravity

Also for the long lazers, you may want to consider a few planes placed orthogonally to the long ones to make it look like they are circular when viewed from that axis.

Finally for the sprites (the circles and squares). The circles should be square planes as well and just make it circular with the alpha map. With particles like lazers every vertex counts so you want it to have as few as possible. Both sprites should have [Always]-[And]-[Edit Object,Track To, 3D] bricks so that they always face the camera. (the rotation on some of your sprites needs to be undone to make them visible when you do this)

Happy blending