Free low poly Blender model

Here is a image of it.

Complete with bones [!] and a bum sctraching animation :slight_smile: .

Way too high-poly! It has 3000+ tri’s!

Graphics cards will convert quads to triangles because cards only support triangles!

Use CONTROLKEY+TKEY to convert to triangles and see how high-poly it is.

When subsurfed a llittle that is a good model for rendering.

Normals are way wrong, in editmode press CONTROLKEY+NKEY to calculate normals. THen you don’t have to use twoside.

Nice model considering your age, I’m 14 and I couldn’t do anything like that!

Keep up the good work!

yeh, nice model man. :slight_smile:

Liked the animation too.

Yeah looks quiet nice so far. :slight_smile: Btw bum scratching animation, lol you watched my tedyrobber animation? :smiley: he has a bum scratching animation when idle. :slight_smile:

high poly… weird… nice animation…

R2Bl3nd- What can i say? I’am a child genius :slight_smile: .

Thank you everyone for posting.

Oh and should I put some google ads on my website?

No way! Those are traffic-proof!!

okay, thanks

Oh and feel free to put in your games and make more animations.Please pm me if you make something with it.