Free Low Poly Game Ready 3d models

Hello Everyone. So I’ve been a small time game developer for some five years, during my first months I experienced a lot of problems finding 3d models for games. There’s a fair amount of websites offering free models out there but they were usually high pily or not uv mapped resulting in me spending hours trying to decimate the mesh which didn’t work out as well.

As someone who couldn’t afford a good budget for a game, I remembered spending months googling “low poly 3d models” hoping the search results would be different, it never happened.

Which is why, so no new game developers experience the same problem in the future, have decided to give away all of the game assets I have assembled over the years, and I can guarantee you, you won’t find them anywhere else.

thank you. i got some trees and textures to share, but i am too lazy to put them online

Does any of these houses have indoors and doors that can be opened?

You’re welcome. I can grant you permission to post them on the site

Well they don’t. The houses were created for the purpose of just sitting there, i.e they were designed to be the background in a racing track. So I can basically say they not suitable for first person shooter type of games unless you not going inside.

But you can always edit them