Free Low Poly Race Track 1

Here is a free simple race track I made for you to use.


SmallRaceLevel.blend (265 KB)

thanks, would be great for go carting!

yeah :smiley: also submitting a tutorial.

@JESUSFRK14I would like to add a link to this thread to But the file does not contain the textures. Can you add them?


There’s no textures? o.O

Nope. Could you add them. All you have to do is go, File>External Data>Pack into .blend file

Ohh that’s easy. :slight_smile:

A bit off-topic, but @ JESUSFRK14, dude I am using one of your model (medieval house) as a comic prop in the traditional section of this forum. I got your permission to use it earlier, but as a curtesy I’ll remind you again.
The comic itself is based on a solo play by John Birsch (“death by mosquitoes”) written in the early 1900’s, and I don’t intend to make any money out of it. There is no smut (well a bit of romance, and no blood/gore like substance).
If you feel uncomfortable with your prop being used there, let me know. Thanks again (and in advance too).

Nope, that’s cool :slight_smile: Lemme know when your done, I’d like to see it

Can you please pack the textures?

No worries.

Although I’ll have you know that at my rate it will take a while though - like two years or so unless I roll me sleeves up.