free meshes in 3Dworld mag

I just picked up a copy of 3D world, and they had some pretty decent meshes from marlin studios. there was a car, a couple of houses, ( one of them a pretty cool victorian spooky type house, ) and some furniture, all in 3ds, obj, and LWO, along with some humanoid meshes in poser format, or zbrush format, and there was an hdri map in there too. ( also a copy of blender 242 in case you didn’t have one! ) and there was some web based stuff which I didn’t bother checking out. But anyway, the free meshes were cool.
(edit) oh yeah and there were a couple of sky scrapers too, in 3ds, obj, lwo

Is this the one?
I bought one of these cd’s for the free copy of c4d one time and it turned out the offer was only available to UK. Kind of frustrating. You can get these at news stands in the US?

Modron, thanks for the review. I’ve gotten that mag fairly often and found some good stuff.

Marty, for awhile some of the UK magazines occasionally had discs that weren’t included in North America copies, but its been awhile since that happened. The upgrade offers are probably only available in Europe still. I know that a “special edition” of C4D was included on the N.A. copies a couple of years ago. (It limited any saved renders to either VGA or SVGA and slightly limited vertices I think it was, although you could render to your screen size of any resolution, and print-screen that. The S.E.'s of programs they had for awhile were annoying. I’d rather have an old version than a newer crippled version)

Those magazines can be hard to find though, a lot of stores don’t carry them. The Borders & Waldens that I used to be near usually only carried one or two of the Future Pub mags. The Chapters near me in Canada usually carries 3DWorld, Digit, ComputerArts, PCUtilities, PCPlus, ComputerMusic, etc, as well as all the CA “Specials”. For awhile they had stopped, but then they started carrying them again, so I was happy! :slight_smile:

I got my copy from a magazine store, but incidentally, I went to Marlin Studios web site, and I noticed all the marlin models on the cd are available for free as samples, so you don’t actually need to buy the mag. unless you want the poser/z-brush meshes and the hdri map.

Some nice catalogue images at that site. Grabbed those and filed them away for reference. Probably pick up the two free building models on the way out.