Free mini-course on Fast Sci-Fi Scenes with Cinematic Post Effects

Hey everyone,

I’ve developed a five-part minicourse on quickly creating some cinematic sci-fi scenes using a new worklfow. Three things of note:

  1. I introduce the concept of displacement virtualization. As most of you know, working with complex displacements is a processor intensive task and will bring most computers to their knees quickly. So, what I’m doing is demonstrating a workflow that creates geometry using displacement maps and then converts it all to real and simplified geometry. This makes things much more computer friendly.

  2. I’ve also added a tutorial on sci-fi cinematic post effects and how to create them in Blender’s compositor. This includes effects like volumetrics, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, bloom, color balance and more.

  3. I’ve added many support files including my custom compositing node group and they all can be found on my ideation creation channel at my Discord: or at my $1 Patreon (where I also have the final scene file).

(picture of custom node group)

Here are some samples of images quickly created.

And here is the scene that we create in the course including all props.

Just to be clear, here is an example of what I’m talking about one I say virtualized displacement.

This is a wireframe of the scene above. All of the buildings and pipes and everything except for lamps and parallax shaders are created from a single displacement map from JSplacement.

And, here is a picture of the compositing node group. My goal was not to create a professional color grading system, but rather to create something that can generate pleasing results for users without having a ton of experience with color theory. In the last video of the series, I go into a specific post effects that are typically used in sci-fi cinematic scenes.

If you follow along and create something please consider posting your results over on the Discord or @referencing me on twitter or Instagram. @chippwalters

Here are the videos in order:


Loved it, learned a lot, will probably keep going back to reference things.


thanks for sharing this!

This is one of the Best mini courses I’ve involved myself with and I have to say it’s well explained , a lot of very useful information for using these techniques not only in this course but other projects as well. This was really fun to do and I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. This mini course really enhanced my blender skills and upped my game! Thanks Chipp, Keep up the great work and to top it all off it’s FREE!

One of the best mini-course I have followed.
Chipp gives us a lot of very usefull information and is very clear in his explainations.
It is very well paced. I have learned so much about virtual displacment and how to imrpove your final render to make it more cinematic.
Thanks Chipp!

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