Free model monster

This is my first model monster hope u like it :grinning:

tris: 774
texture size: 512x512

with 6 animation run, walk, idle, etc (333.4 KB)


Here another’s of my model

tris: 934 and 6 animation (387.9 KB)
h_joe_ss (629.2 KB)


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I’ve been practicing my texturing…
and here my recent model :hugs:

tris: 1286 and 6 animations (415.7 KB)


Welcome to the BGE section. For the animations, don’t hesitate to post a video of them in action with your models if you want to show your work. You can upload up to 5mb video files here, or you can upload on and post the link here.

I’ve been thinking to showcase my work
and i come up to a idea of this video :laughing: :rofl: (323.0 KB) (386.6 KB) (319.5 KB)

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thank you , i will make nightmares tonight

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:+1: (313.9 KB) (306.6 KB) (379.7 KB)

this is my last two batch pack01 and pack02
working on my new models :grinning: (2.0 MB) (2.0 MB)