Free modeling?

During the last few days, I’ve tried to understand Blender. I’ve got previous experience with 3DS MAX (although that was years ago), and was wondering if there’s an easier way to modeling things. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot of terminology, so I can’t remember the name for it, but is there some feature that allows for a more free modeling experience?

What I want is to be able to create vertices and then connect them, creating a surface inbetween. Basically, kind of like drawing vectors in 3D with a fill feature… Like Splines, or NURBS?

As a practical example, let’s say I want to make a dice, but with numbers instead of dots, and with real depth instead of bump mapping. Now, if I were to use subdivide, curvy numbers (such as 3 and 8) would not only look bad, but would be hard to actually make.

theres an example in the blender manual of connecting vertices to form a ships hull

check out also the curves section of the manual …bezier curves-the working example

Ah, yes. I’ll try that. Although I think I’m going to run into the same problem I had before:

I tried to modify this tutorial for my needs, but noticed that it didn’t work very well. Since smoothing it made the surface turn ugly (non-flat, and not so smooth). I don’t remember if it was due to smoothing, the catmull-clark subsurface, or a combination of the two, but it only worked if it was turned off (which didn’t look good at all).

if someone knows more about your question its probably member %fligh

pm him

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You may need to recalculate normals outside. Select al vertices, then press ctrl-N to get rid of wierd black lines you get when setting to smooth and sub-surfacing.
Also, you can select an edge and use shift-E to crease it so it stays straight after sub-surfing.

Hope this helps…

I might do that if I can’t figure out how to solve this with my current knowledge.

To do free modelling, try something like this:

Press Spacebar --> Add --> Mesh --> Circle

A little popup will appear asking for the subdivision. Move the mouse off the box so that it disappears. You’ll wind-up with an object containing zero vertices.

Don’t forget to give your object and mesh a name in the Edit Buttons below (F9, Link and Materials panel).

Now, to add vertices, hold down Ctrl and left-click with the mouse.

I find it convenient to have two 3D Views, one for front and one for side. That way, once I add a vertex I can immediately press G (grab) and move it in the view orthogonal to the one I used to add the vertex.

Select three or four vertices and press F to make faces. To get rid of unwanted line segments, select the two endpoints and press X --> Edges and Faces. This will delete only the line and not the vertices.

Hope this helps.

Suggestions noted. I’ll try them out when I have time to play with Blender again.

Thanks. :slight_smile: