Free New tool for blender lovers


 I guess this is count as a finished project. 

I recently made a tool which you can load your world blend file and view it as a person walking in your world mesh. If you have played World of Warcraft or Second life, i basically made a tool which you can load your mesh as the world and you can pick characters to walk inside it.

I am currently programming a game using mostly blender, and i thought i can release this part of the program since it might be useful for people. Especially for people using blender . You can download the tool here

    Screenshots and example videos are here 

    the documentation on how to use it is here

The game i am currently programming is the main website , and it is at . The screen shots for my game is here

The programs are completely free for you to use, I also provide the blend files so you can play with it. If you also want the blend file for the characters, (fully animated and rigged) you can download it here

     that's about it, i hope people can find some use for it...

This is seriously cool downloads

thank you looks good …I’ll give it a try
where/how does the ogre command line fit in with things? :confused: (sorry beginner :smiley: )

This is how it works

  python + blender      -> that's obvious why we need them
  Ogre Mesh exporter  ->   you need it to export into mesh.xml
  OgreXmlConverter ->   converts   mesh.xml   into  mesh  so ogre can use it ,  when you export into ogre, its one of the options , if you don't have the converter, it won't convert into mesh format for you, instead it would convert into mesh.xml