Free online Blender lessons/classes

Hello people,

I wonder if there are any free Blender online lessons being given now.Did some research and the ones I found had happened already.Although I 've watched some tutorials , and tried to read some books it is hard sometimes to do it by myself cause I have no idea about, how the flow of the things I try to learn should be and sometimes I get stuck in the same things for like 2 weeks till I understand how it works(and hoping it is the right way).

So has anyone heard anything about online lessons being given?

If this post does not belong here,move it where it should be.Thanks in advance.

Hm… I’m not aware of any classes right now (though I’m not really tuned in to this info)

What tutorials have you tried? There are a number of good sources for tutorials, including the Noob to Pro WikiBook, BlenderCookie, and BlenderGuru.

Other than to stick with it, my advice would be to remember that (unlike engineering), the graphics industry is all about faking it - the end product has to look right, not be right (though sometimes the easiest way to make something look right is actually to model it correctly). So enjoy the learning process, and don’t worry too much about which tool is the correct one to use - that’ll come later.

Not online classes, but these downloadable lessons should be very usefull

What do you want to do in the 3D industie?