free or cheap 2d motion tracker ?

Hi , i want a 2d motion tracker.

but after fx is just too expensive.

do you know of any open source or cheap 2d motion tracker for mac ?

i dont want match moving i want 2d motion tracking.

thanx !

[edit] doh, nvm >.< sorry

what ?

can you write slower ?

google is your friend!


i said for mac , in that search result result there is none for mac.

Hello TweakingKnobs.

Maybe this links can help you:

The first is for educational purposes only and the second costs 120 € or so.


thanx again but i said , no match moving, only simple 2d tracking.

If your planning on using the tracking with Blender then Icarus should do fine. It’s able to export 2D tracking points to Blender. (I’ll explain how to in more detail when I boot into Mac)

I came across a fairly cheap 2D tracking program a while ago, although as far as I recall it couldn’t export the tracking data, it just applied effects (such as pixelation) to the tracked area. If that’s what you’re looking for I see if I can find what the app’s called.

If you buy the “student version” of After Effects, it comes out to somewhere around $200. It does everything the full version does, you just can’t legally sell what you make with it. That’d be my first choice.

Otherwise, just use a matchmover like voodoo, or whatever you can find for a mac. 3D tracking is just 2D tracking with hundreds of points to calculate the 3D movement. Just don’t use the auto-solve function. Create a couple of your own trackers and vuala! A 2d track.

hey, that sounds good, i own syntheyes , ill try that !

thanx !