Free Organic Modeling texturing Series !!!!

I came across this incredible free video [.MOV] organic modeling series today. It was put together by Eric Maslowski. He uses Photoshop & 3d Max and the process is easily transferable to Blender assuming you know your way around Blender. I’m not familiar with Gimp VS Photoshop but I would assume it could be done in Gimp as well

If you get stuck on how to do his procedures in Blender, drop me note on this thread and I’m sure if I can’t show you how to do it some other Blenderhead will know the answer.

Go here to get the videos and then download the series.

The series from his site

This tutorial is also a part of the “organic modeling series” (OMS
Part 01 - Preparing Images for Reference Plates
Part 02 - Defining Topology Lines on Reference Images
Part 03 - Building 3D Reference Plates
Part 04 - Using Splines to Model a Head
Part 05 - Mirroring and Subdividing Organic Models
Part 06 - Refining Organic Models with EditPoly
Part 07 - Extending an Organic Model with Primitives
Part 08 - Modeling Complex Organic Forms (an Ear)
Part 09 - Unwrapping UVs for Organic Models
Part 10 - Creating a Face Texture From Reference Photos
Part 11 - Creating a Bump Map from an Existing Color Map
Part 12 - Creating a Specular Map from an Existing Bump Map


I’m going to start a video series based on Eric Maslowski’s format but Blender related. The criteria is here:

There’s no reason to redo Parts 1 & 2 since it using Photoshop which can be imported to Blender. If someone wants to create a GIMP verssion of parts 1 & 2, let me know and I’ll host it for you.

I’m presently working on the following parts though I’m having trouble getting the file size reduced. I’m using Camstudio but I don’t have a .MOV CODEC. For the moment I’m using MS MPEG-4 V3. and a 5 minute video is abouit 67GBs. Any suggestions on how to reduce the size but keep up the quality would be appretiated

03-Building Referance Plates
04- Using a Mesh to model a head (extrude and Poly by Poly modeling)
05 -Mirroring and Subdivide.

cool i will check it out

i actually enjoyed watching these. most of the stuff in this series can be done in blender with no problem… i just wish some of us would do an indepth series kind of like this or like this… all of our best stuff is scattered

Yes i know what you mean. It’d be nice if there was a Video Tutorial Blender Wiki.

I’ve seen these some time ago and found em pretty good. The UV unwrapping part isn’t that good for blender becuase many would use the LSCM method and not the Cylinder.

But it’s good and fun to watch :slight_smile:

Yay, thanks to you, Room, I can now make decent faces. Still have to watch the whole serie.

mariolink - I’m going to try and do a Blender video series based on Eric’s series.

Robin, You’re welcome.

I am looking for a tutorial on creating a detailed tree complete with leaves, texturing and so on. Does anyone have any suggestions?


try this


pay attention to what Blender version these scripts will work on.

Thanks for the links. Will definitely check it out as it looks very juicy.
It would be great to have a Blender-specific version - so I salute you. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s actually a pretty good series. I just downloaded it and was going through it about a week or so ago. We must be on the same wave length Room! :wink: I found it off this site… which has a nice collection of tutorials. I think your idea of going through and redoing it for blender is an excellent one.

Yeah, it just finding the time to do it. I also found it through SDK.

Hows your personal project coming along?

Room, have you tried 7zip, or WinRar?

You could pack them as bzip or rar files…

3Dbuzz does that and most of they’re video tuts are like 50+MB.

OH wait, did you say GIGABYTES??? :eek:

Thats nuts!!! :eek:

Finally got around to watching some of these tutorials.
There’s alot of good stuff in here for a dunce like me. The method for planning the topology was a boot up the proverbial that I needed.

I got to see the workings of the 3dMax interface too.

I might actually try to do this head myself in Blender.