Free place to out up vid over 800 MB? (Under 900 MB)

I use Gmail which lets me do Google Video, and I wanted to upload this 800 MB VIDEO recorded by CamStudio, that I wanted to show my cousin. Ok, CamStudio makes MASSIVE files! I tried the Google Desktop Uploader but nope. :no: I wanted to know the max for youtube, vimeo, places like that, or a filesharing place.

Have you tried compressing it?

re-encode to h264 or something.

or you could just send it to them via “snail” mail…on dvd.

Youtube takes files up to 1024 MB (1 Gig). How long is it?


Compress. Then somewhere like Vimeo once you are under 500 Meg

if you only want to send it to a single person why not just use something like bittorrent, emule, or lime wire. for p2p the best solution would be p2p hence the name.