[FREE] Play Asteroids in the Shader Editor

Hi everyone!

Demo video

I’ve just published my Asteroids game that can be played inside Blender’s Shader Editor as an add-on. After being inspired by PONG created in Blender’s Shader Editor I decided to try recreate asteroids and then got a bit carried away. The game basically uses node frames as pixels, controlled by a spaghetti of python and runs the entire thing on top of a modal operator. The add-on is built on a custom game engine (Node Game Engine) which I coded from scratch for the sheer purpose of experimentation.

It features the following:

  • Basic physics
  • Audio Manager and sound system
  • BitMaps and loading graphics from images
  • Particles
  • Input Manager and binding
  • Menu’s and UI
  • Event manager
  • Auto scaling
  • High Score I/O
  • Probably a lot more that I can’t remember

Gumroad Download



The game engine is back :slight_smile:

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Summimasen, what the actual duck? :sweat_smile:

Hi everyone,
I just updated this addon so that it also works with Blender 3.1
The frames of the Node Editor now look much nicer so the overall game-play should be more pleasant as well.

Enjoy :smiley:

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