Free poseable Character from JoOngle to YOU! V0.03

Yes…belive it or not, I’m giving away a fully poseable 3D character
to the Blender community. Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the file: (now upgraded to V0.03)

Awesome! thanks man, i’ve been looking into charachter animation lately, this should help me get started :smiley: .

Thanks alot man.

If we post animations with this, we have to give you credit right? Or will you just say this is for practice only. No publishing to ElYsiun.

OOPS! Too late, I already did a test animation with no credit to anybody.

Video here…


is his face poseable too? if yes can u guys point me to where i can find stuff on animating faces?

You are so good to us JoOngle…soooooo good.


You’re welcome.
Let’s see some cool animations.

Wow JoOngle, thanks. This sure is a fun little guy to play with…Now if only I knew how to animate :stuck_out_tongue:

I forget how to reset bones to their original positions. Anyone know the Hot Key for that?

Glad you like it :slight_smile: Yeah…characters are fun to pose around.

Spin - Simple…all you do is:

  1. A - key for “Select all” in pose mode (perhaps twice!)
  2. Alt + R for clear rotations
  3. Alt + S for clear scaling
  4. Alt + G for clear translation

Everything is now ready for you to start from scratch.

thanks man…the bear’s great… :slight_smile:
I can learn a lot from it…Thanks… :wink:

Same! :smiley:

I could never make somethin like that bear… Its nice. :smiley:
But there is one thing im decent at.

5 minutes:

my gold material i made a while back.

how come the whole guy moves when you move his arm?

use rotate(aka ‘r’). For example, press 7 to go to top view and select his arm and press r and you can rotate it that way. Thats what i did with my pictures above.

Doesn’t matter Ik solvers I get it. How do you make an ik solver for a bone thats not the root bone tho?

Thanks Joongle for this lil guy i learned a lot

Thanks JoOngle you’re a very generous dude.A true Blender legend. :smiley: Your quality of work is very nice.

I have some questions for you.

  1. Is this a Forward Kinematic type animation? Because I notice to lift his leg, you first have to rotate the thigh bone, then chin bone, etc. Awkward, is this the only way? Because normally if you use Inverse Kinematics you only have to lift one bone and the whole leg follows.

  2. Also the bone set up might need some tweeking when doing a walk cycle. What do you think? I say this because in the middle of a walk cycle you have to lift the hips, but with this model, when you do that the feet move as well, which is something you don’t want at that frame. Any work arounds?

BTW, top anim Spin.

Hi guys, and glad you like it.

A few improvisations have been made (the file for download have been updated so just download it again from the first post to get the latest
versione (v0.02)

Changes to v0.01 (0.02)

Joint stiffness has been added to upper-leg bones
and to the feet.

This means you will have better IK control, but sacrificing
flexibility. You can still pose the creature manually though if you
need “other” positions.

In order to position feet properly, grab the constraint in FRONT
of the foot with your mouse (and G), and ensure you have the whole
screen to move the pointer around, this will ensure full flexibillity
of the IK chain.

I’ve also made prettier “weights” so the body deformations should
be more even (pretty fleshy deformations) than before, still keeping
it simple with a low number of bones.

That is an awesome rig!!