Free Procedural Spaceship Maker blend file

DOWNLOAD LINK : You can download totally free from here:…

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Wanna make quick spaceships sketches in no time? wondering how it feels to be like the emperor having a fleet of thousand ships? -This blend file contains an easy and fun way based on modifiers inside blender( no need of add-ons) to create endless ship shapes and variations, it comes also with four different PBR textures materials to start giving to yourship that sweet sci-fi look. And all for free! Unless you wish to show some love to my work donating what you consider. (waving the hand like a Jedi) - Special thanks to the nice people who commented and contacted me showing interest and support, lifting me up to do it.
And please, i´m really interested on what kind of ships you create with it so if you don´t mind write on the comment sections so i can see your ships. Or if you are on instagram, use the hashtag #spaceshipmaker , i´ll keep an eye on it :wink:


That’s really awesome for quick sketching.

You get the idea! I use this method not only for spaceship but also for generating cities,props,weapons…it’s so random that you won’t know what comes out next. Perfect for sketching and blocking scenes and get inspiration when you are clueless. Then anyone can develope it and add more detail as their needs, in 3d space or as concept art in a 2D software. Hope you find it useful :wink:

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