Free Procedural Substance Based Textures

Hi guys,
I’m new to the blender artist forums but thought it may be a good place to share some procedural textures I’ve been giving away via Substance Designer.

You can grab them here:

Sorry if its the wrong place to post. Please move if needed.

Here are a few pics.


Welcome! I saw these over on Polycount and I’ve been meaning to play around with them.

On a tangent, have you considered Gumroad? It seems to be the most popular place for this type of thing, and I’d personally trust it more (certainly if you’re going to introduce paid materials, as I assume you will?)
I’m not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, just offering a suggestion.

Hey, nice to see you here arvinmoses.

Hey Arvin,
Great to see you over here as well :slight_smile:
I always enjoy seeing you push those substances to the extreme :slight_smile:
You work with painter as well? Mostly sd?

Happy blending / texturing ô¿ô


nice stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing, It will be really nice to study them in substance designer! :slight_smile:

Hey guys - Sorry… I didn’t even realize this posted. It had to be approved.

I haven’t updated the site in a bit because I’ve been busy over at gametextures.

I recently started on Blender after getting frustrated with current software I’m using and I’m really liking it. Community is really nice too.