Free Procedural Terrain Generator Blender File

( Warning! Be careful at opening it as i don´t know how much power your Pc have…so check or uncheck things like ambient occlusion, reflections or subdivisions before running to the render view and see how your pc behaves)
Here goes another freebie, like I mentioned in the teaser, was a no sense having a tutorial and not sharing the file to play with ( Honestly thought it was deleted) Thankfully found it and improved with better shaders and some extras so you can start generating endless terrain fly overs just opening the file.
If you already know how things works inside Blender you can jump straight to the download links…if you are starting, i recommend to watch the video guide in this video so you get an idea of what´s happening in the blender file and how to take the most of it.

Here are those links you are looking for:

Artstation :
Gumroad :

As always, it´s a pleasure to help giving tips and freebies to the creative people out there, but if you think the stuff i do deserves some love and appreciation feel free to drop a pay what you want tip for my coffe vault so i can fuel my brain for the next fancy procedural thing.

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I’m giving this a try, since I am not satisfied with ANT Landscape’s results. I’ll post some feedback after I get done trying this out. THanks for sharing this!

great, I’m really interested on having feedback from users so i can get an idea of what’s done right or need to improve. Keep in mind that this is not better than ANT landscape plugin, wich is a more complete and advanced tool…but it is true when i used it missed a more dynamic and more straightforward UI…that’s why i made this…thought for those moments when you only want to generate random landscape effortless in realtime until you find something that catch your attention. Love randomization :D. Will keep and eye for your feedback