Free: Procedural wood with Cycles Blend file attached

Hi all

I just wanted to see how far maybe I could use Cycles to make some procedural woods but the empty as a object texturing input does not work anymore. So you cannot rotate the mesh via the object coordinates in Cycles.

However via moving the wood ring center around you can get similar good looks.

The nodes are not too complicated and quite flexible to use. You have full control over grain pores and colors
by only using the wave and noise texture.

This is a basic set - so you need to adjust values like bump texture scale etc to your scene.

This file is free and a thank you to the community feel free to use it for private or commercial work.



Great I cannot figure out how to remove older images from a post …

The file got updated again the wood can look like this now:
The properties are super imposed and have to be adjusted correctly to your scene.

you have to do 2 things
first cut the image then in manager you need to delete the file

there should be a short video on this delete file thing!

i tried to render it again and not certain but i dont really get like last pic!
did you change the file !

but it looks very nice and flexible but not too complicated !


Looks like this would come in pretty handy, thank you very much for sharing!

Thanks for the UI tips - I guess the website did not render / show the icon images right so I never saw the X to delete an attached image.

I removed the link to the old Blend file.


ok got the new file

but if i render it i don’t get the render you have shown
your seems to have a lot more glossy white then the one i get!

but will play with it

thanks for sharing

Today I modified the blend file and added a more basic material approach:


Here is the last version for a wood approach with medium complexity.

The wood node only blends between two different noise nodes so you can colorize
the wood hard and soft rings.

Also the reflection for each wood part can be adjusted.

Enjoy - same blend file link.

i would suggest if you have the time

cause you have a deep understanding of the set up
to make like group nodes and identify the functions with input vars

happy cycles

I did that but then realized that the mapping node does not allow that - so I ungrouped them.
Same with the color ramp nodes and others.

Thats why I simplified the node network so you get pretty good results with a minimal amount of work.

It looks great,but the download link is not working …

Yes, can you please re-post it or post a bigger resolution screenshot of the nodes (with un-collapsed nodes)?

Thanks a lot.

Yes, can you please re-post it or post a bigger resolution screenshot of the nodes (with un-collapsed nodes)?


I think I got it, hopefully the computer won’t resize it too much… But the collapsed rgb curves are there to play with for the bump curves

Hey everyone, I used the node setup from the screenshot you provided, Scryver, but the results I get are far from what cekuhnen achieved. So I was wondering whether I made a mistake or maybe the node setup is incomplete.
Here’s what I get:

And the blend file, it would be great if someone could take a look at the node setup and tell me where I am going wrong. I really want to understand the node editor better and figure out how to procedurally generate any kind of material, but this is getting me nowhere right now.

Try increasing the scale of the musgrave texture to around 400. Also, don’t use fully saturated colours.

selecting the color tones is really an art here so yes try to adjust those as well! they need to blend together.

Interesting Material indeed, unfortunately the link seems broken.