Free program similar to Poser?

Anyone know of a free program similar to Poser? I don’t want to spend 200 dollars on a program I’ll only use once. I haven’t had any luck finding such a program and I’m beginning to doubt that one exists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MakeHuman is probably the closest one.

Makehuman. That is as close as you can get.

Wow… actually looks pretty decent! However, it isn’t Mac compatible! :frowning:

I guess I’ll have to DL it on my bro’s PC.

Ummm… Blender is mac compatible. Makehuman is a python script which runs inside of blender. Therefor, makehuman is mac compatible.

Yeah, I figured out how to run it with a Mac an hour or so ago… however, Blender won’t open… [/quote]

There’s also DAZ studio.

I don’t use it, so I don’t know how ‘exportable’ the meshes are if you want to use them in another program. I’m not sure if that is a requirement for you or not.


DOWNLOADING NOW!!! :smiley: Looks great!

Oh, and does anyone know how to run MakeHuman? I double clicked the .blend file but it won’t open up MH.

On my HomePage there are Blender Movies as well as DAZ Movies.

Makehuman is not a script anymore. It is a C++ program and the Mac version has just come out. Don’t bother with DAZ.


…and this thread is from March.

Good point.

Why was this thread resurrected?


Close thread.