Free PSP?

If i remember there were few websites giving Sony PSP and other stuff for free. but there was a multilevel marketing system to follow and get your item free.

can anyone tell me the name of the websites?

First sponsored link.

i googled first, i didnt find so i post here

Those sites are a con. They make you buy some piece of crap to be put on the waiting list, but before whoever is at the top of the list gets his PSP 100 new members have to join. If you’re 100 on the list this means you need to wait until 10,000 people join the scheme before you get your PSP.

Worse, some sites will offer the big prize, a PSP, an iPod, whatever, but there will be some small print hidden somewhere saying that they are just one of hundreds of possible prizes. All the other prizes will be completely worthless, probably vouchers entitling you to money off if you buy more stuff from the website.

The odds of you actually seeing a PSP out of the deal are minute.

Find a raffle or a lottery offering a PSP as a prize instead. Your chances will be better.