Free public file uploader!

Hello everyone, Some of you might know me as h4x, I ran a free file uploader a while back but it got shut down due to bandwidth…

Well i’m back with a bigger,better, and faster host and i’m not concerned about bandwidth :smiley:

This version allows all the needed file types as well as a max file size of 100 megs a file.(if you have bigger files; i have a file mirroring service as well)

Just head over to If you have any questions or suggestions email me at [email protected]

Please try this service out so i know it works.

Thanks -Chris

Nice! I may need this in the future, thanks man.

Hey great, thanks!

thanks h4x :smiley:

:smiley: i’m polorix from now on
Oh and mpan3, your server is slow for the kinda of stuff your hosting…:wink:

Link what worx, welcome back in the shak h4xpolorix!


Thanks man, spread the word!
And maybe i’ll learn blender…all over again :smiley:

Thanks a lot Polorix…I will be needing this definitely in the near future…

wow thanks guys, i’m glad this is all getting attention since i just got everything up in like 3days :smiley: keep em coming, spread the word!

LoL, well I checked that place out and it seems I have some compition…so now…i’m offering 200MB per file :smiley: AND your files wont go away if not downloaded in 100 days. I’ll get a TOS up soon.

Thanks to all and help support my service!

<EDIT> Well I couldn’t test rogepost…because it didn’t work…

rogepost does work now but you can’t even directly link to your files… and you have to go through a system which is quiet annoying.

Can I hotlink animated gif?

Of course you can! :smiley:

Thank you a lot polorix.
Can you just explain me, what are your benefitials from running a free uploader? I’m just interested, that’s all… because, i know it costs money to put it up and keep it up, so i was just wondering how come you’re doing it for free…
Thank you again,


Well, basically because I love the open source community and I understand how annoying it is to either have your own host/server or have to sign up somewhere which has bandwidth limits. And I have resources just sitting there :slight_smile: Just my little part in helping out I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks, Spread the word

One improvement I might suggest is to allow all file types like does.

Well you see, this is setup more for the blender community. I think these filetypes are the only ones used right now. but i’m now going to add the linux file types as well as .exe

Okay, I would at least allow .xml files for people who want to share Indigo render files.:slight_smile:

Alright, added :smiley: