Free Public ftp acount, to share files. Updated

Free Public FTP acount.

A while ago I heared people talking about uploading files to a free ftp acount, like blender related things to share.
Well no one ever made this availible because of security reasons and because most of the people don’t have a server that runs ftp and allows everyone to upload files.

Now it is possible, you can actually upload all blender related files you want to share. Game engine files, like models, textures for models, game engine testing files and new things you found out or even tutorials.

  • How can I connect?
    Go to and download the free ftp program. Afther installing the program and you started it, take a look at: for info to connect to the ftp acount.

  • Why is the whole acount just 10 mb?
    I’m currently testing how people react on this free acount, like if it’s a succes and is it rendable to make this availible?

  • Help I can’t connect.
    Yep it can be possible, because only 4 connected users at 1 time are allowed, if the testing phase is over I will add more users at same time. If this isn’t the problems check the settings, like the url, username and password you filled in.

  • Any rules out there?
    Yep, read the txt file that has the info about how to connect, and read it carefully before uploading files.

I hope you all enjoy of this service, and I hope I can exspand the acount in free webspace and users afther the testing phase.

Greetz JD-Multi
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Hey thanks for this, My web space is down at the moment
If my tutorial is to big please delete it

Umm, is the max free space the amount of space available to the public or is that per person?

Jason Lin

snailrose: If my tutorial is to big please delete it

Well, no problem, it’s very usefull for everyone so I won’t delete it. :smiley:

goldentaiji: Umm, is the max free space the amount of space available to the public or is that per person?

At the moment the ftp acount is up for testing. That means I take a look on how everyone acts on this feature, if it’s usefull and more. The total free space on the public acount is 10 MB, and not for each user 10 mb. I’m thinking to extend this after the test phase up to maybe 100 mb. All I need to do is making sections, add a html page that shows people easiely what is in each directory, and I also need an second and third ftp admin that take care of it all.

The reason why I did this, is because many people asked for months and years for a free ftp place to upload files and share them, so I did this to make that idea availible. I’m also thinking about a sharing program, included builds, tutorials, sources and much more, but I’m not sure.

Please comment of what you all think of it and what you want to see, like features, ways to view it and more. I hope this test runs out succesfully.
Btw not only game engine files can be uploaded, but also 3D scenes you made to render. 8)

This could be really cool, like a team…although we may all be working on seperate projects.

Couple ideas of what I plan to contribute,

  1. Rigged textured lizard monster…AI I’ll leave to someone else :wink:

  2. Game objects-barrels, crates, rugs, tables, chairs etc

If this is the sort of thing you’re looking for I’ll be happy to polish them up and send them in.

Um, how exactly do I connect? Here is a little info about my system: I use Windows XP, I have DSL, and I have a 2.4 gig processor. I just want to put a car model that I modeled there for the public (logic already complete 8) ).

To get info about connecting to it and uploading files, check the txt at: I hope this will help you out. :smiley:

thanks JD-multi

Great to see someone using it. :smiley: No problem for the service. :stuck_out_tongue:

JD: if you create a textures folder, I’d be glad to dump lots of textures in it cause I’ve made lots of textures that i dont really plan on using. also, please move door2.jpg into the texture folder if it is created.


Hi I send you My new samples