Free Render Farm

Is there a free render farm for Blender? It would be ideal to join one for future projects.

This is available for anyone or entity:


  • (Please Specify Project & Preferences)
  • Open for 30-90 days
  • It is rotting away in my perspective, while I’m learning Blender…

You have searched about this before posting, right? :rolleyes:

A couple come to mind: or BURP. Or donate your cycles to some other worthy effort. Google’s yer good buddy, dood.


What threads did you have in mind in searching?

Have you used the render farms you listed? - no I haven’t used it yet.

In 2.53 you got a add-on called, if you have a account there it is possible to render in a user network.

Cheers, mib

Are there any private applications available? I used to run folding at home on all my systems and it added about $1000/year to my electrical bill, I’m a student, I get 6,000/year to take care of everything including medical and etc and I just want to be able to run it across all my systems and possibly have friends use openVPN to join my network and run it on their systems too. I’m also adverse to uploading my intellectual property to a server like that.

Is there any solution available that does this?