Free renderers out there

Yafray seem to be very slow in development, is there anyone done some real benchmarking comparison for free renderers out there? I enocuntered a list on blendernation, but there’s not really a comparison I’m not looking for a feature rich renderer doing 99,9% perfectly simulated lighting and stuffs, but plain fast, super stable and has all the standard basic features like global illumination, motion blur, etc. But mainly, being free (as in free speech), fast and stable is what i’m looking for.

i think you just described what yafray is! :wink:

Kerkythea. Fast for GI. If you don’t want raytracing, then the scanline in blenders pretty damn sharp.

Indigo is very good, but not fast.

I’ve checked kerkythea, not sure about indigo, I’ll do some searches on it, thanks. I also bumped to POVRay, but the license isn’t what i’m looking for.

lol yeah i don’t think BF choses yafray for nothing. But for all these years before yafray even came out surely there’re older projects that are already ahead more mature than yafray.

Indigo homepage:['url]

Indigo forum:

yeah already gone there. Havent do a test though. BTW I bumped another one, lightflow. Anyone tried this one?

I dont think its been updated for a long time.

Btw, indigo now has bidirectional MLT, so its faster. Early testing stages tho.

It was last updated in 2000. There’s an export script for Blender, but I’m not sure if it still works…

6 years, could be dead already…

i have a list to be checked out…

  • kerkythea (tried but not really satisfied)
  • sunflow (very promising but still lacks a good material exporting method, i guess you have to name properly the materials or something like that check on blenderart magazine #3)
  • virtualight (lol)
  • lightflow (to be checked)
  • perceptuum (tbc)
  • renderman family pixie 3delight aqsis (tbc)
  • toxic (tbc)

if anybody knows a way to export for other render engines please post!

so what do i download??

i only wrote a list of suitable renderers to give a try.
i’m also in search of new ways in case yafray will not be in the future of blender, and these area few free options.
BTW i also discovered a new promising engine, but still in early stages so no exporter nor executables. but the stills are already impressive to me:

what do i download??

Depends, what do you want from a renderer? What features, what kind of speed, how realistic?


click link in my sig to read up on sunflow shaders.

anyway about aqsis, is it fast?