Free rig - Simple SS Ball


just to warm up for rigging I have quickly made this evening easy to animate Simple squash & stretch ball rig.
another download at the bottom

Only two controlling bones.

  • Grab bone (box) is for moving and rotation - just grab it or rotate it.
  • SS bone (line) is for squash and stretch effect - scale it for ss and rotate for ss effect.
  • SS is independent of rotation of geometry (grab bone rotations)

Nothing really complicated like in my old but quite powerful SS Ball rig - (which has for example also moveable pivot for SS effect, precise auto-roller switch, and is animate-able with Euler)

This time I have used only bones. So rotations are not Euler which is not really best for begging animation practice but you can download first AnimSys2 build which has excellent new anim features from Aligorith like the very Euler rotations also for bones. (Simply speaking just x, y, z axis for bone rotations and animation - not four of them which is actual standard in Blender but really difficult to animate four curves for three rotation axes.)

Looking forward to your animations. Here is e.g. nice tutorial how to begin (tutorial is just after the short commercial) -


Simple_SS_Ball.blend (276 KB)

Here is example of test animation I have made with the AnimSys2 Blender branch build (this branch ahs for example Eluer rotation for bones, dopesheet editor etc., the ball rig is actually set up for this build):