Free riged charachter

This model was made a long time ago it was one of my first polygon characters, it is rigged and is for commercial and non commercial work, no credits required. It cannot be resoled:no:.
Download from my account here:

Also, how about a new part of the forum for Free commercial and non commercial material.

invalid product ID.

crap, it needs time to activate, I will post a screen shot for now

If you want to give away free models you can put them on

PS. Do you know of a license that allows for commercial use profit only but sharing individually?

Check out Creative Commons licensing.

I don’t sorry. And thanks for the link I am going to upload it there after I comeback from class in a few hours.

yup, there’s plenty of different licenses to check out there.

Do you think people would mind submitting if all the models had to come under one license? One license for all models on the site would be much easier.

maybe, but being able to select any of the CC licenses would definitely be preferable.

ok, it is ready for download now.

nice moddel dude how long did it take you to do that

some parts of it are form the makehuman model. :slight_smile:
thought id just point it out.

:confused::o:yes: I figured why try and make arms and legs for weeks when I could copy and paste in a few minutes. Of course, that kind of takes it out of the learning process, and now I am kind off wishing I modeled it all myself, it would have looked much better and I would know how to model arms and legs.