Free Scanned Bread Models

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a set of 11 free scanned bread 3D models.
Just wanted to post here as well, seeing that all the promotional renders were made with Blender / Cycles.
Check out the image below for a preview. All the models are free for any use, personal or commercial.
I’ve only recently Blender it to my toolbox, but have been having a lot of fun with it!

You can find more info on my blog:

(Hope this post is in the right section!)

thanks, that’s very kind of you… and welcome to the Blender Community:)

I took a look on your site and noticed that you had an extensive Natron tutorial as well, awesome! (haven’t watched it yet but will soon)

very high quality work, much appreciated.

BTW your Corona tutorials are showing up “this video does not exist”


I just watched your Natron tutorial and you couldn’t have named it better:) “Natron 101 - A practical guide to Node-based compositing”

that was hands down THE BEST intro to Node Based compositing I’ve seen. As an AE and Blender guy I’ve never been able to get my head around NUKE / FUSION etc… this made sense of it all and gave me courage to try again. I’d love to see more on Natron in the future if you are inspired:)



Those look really nice. Thanks, and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for all the kind words!
Happy to be a part of the Blender community. :slight_smile:

As for the Natron tutorial, after looking for something similar myself a while ago I was glad to be able to shed some light on the subject. Learning new software can seem daunting so I tried to break it down to the bare essentials and it’s nice to see people responding to it in a positive way. :smiley:

Did you… bake those… textures :smiley:



Thank you. I’ve downloaded them and are really good… heavy models… but nice…

Thanks a lot

Thank you a lot. I’m wondering how I missed your thread at the beginning. To much is happening here every day :smiley:
Nice models and tutorials!

I’ll admit, I chuckled :wink: