[Free scene] Loft interior design

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thanks for sharing, nicely done !

Only think i can say, is that the finals could use a bit more pop! Its probably personal taste ofcourse. But i think if you make the pop a bit more with contrast like in your moodboard they would speak even more.

Hope you dont mind. I put a custom made LUT on it with some minor level adjustments and soft B?W overlay. It feels more like your moodboard to me now. Your moodboards showed more warm images with a bit more contrast. I think the render outcome is a bit to cool and a bit dull if i may say so.

No offense, its just my look at it. Your scene and renders are really well done. Im just a bit picky sometimes :wink:

If you want i share the PSD with the luts.


I want a house like this too… great work!

Thx for the comment, in the original post I was asking about contrast and exposure because they didn’t feel right to me:) To be honest I had to google what a LUT is :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my attempt to improve - done just with filters and sliders in google photos. Mine doesn’t go in the orange part of the spectrum - for my personal taste it’s a little bit to much.

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Yeah retouching is a really directed to personal taste I feel. You could do this in blender as well. I think we can even load the LUT if we want. Blender comes with a couple basic camera functions, normally called CRF, stands for camera response function. This gives it a look of a couple big brand cameras

Lots a re super nice and allows for much faster color look. If I do a series of images, I tend to start creating a look and make a lut of that. Than applying that out to the rest makes it easier and faster to get a streamlined look

Your own edit also looks much better don’t you think? Looks more appealin than the first images in the post

Good to know that blender has this kind of capabilities. I will try to dig deeper and incorporate it into my workflow. Thx for sharing.
And yes, I also think that adding a little bit of color went a long way.

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Really stellar lighting, texturing and rendering. Very nice work all around.

Holi_Home, very impressive scene compilation. Thank you

Nice, asharing knowledge is key to great forum :slight_smile:

I made a short video presenting the design and posted it on Youtube.


I think sharing the PSD files would be great! I was looking into ‘LUT’ , never heard of it until now. Great stuff… btw color picking a colorgrading from a picture, by altering between the REF Pic and the destination pic. Is it possible to turn that workflow also into a LUT? Or is it always nessecary to do it with hue, britness, etc. alternations?

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That is insanely good :smiley:

It is so realistic :astonished:

So real. Can’t take my eyes off any of it - seeing new details every time.

Have you thought more about doing an eevee version?:slight_smile:

I’m searching for a good test scene to test my new Lightmapper and bring it to web. Would you mind if I try yours?

Amazing work! may i use it for personal visualization of my artwork?