free sconce and flame FX textures :)

Here is a quick sconce I made along with a couple of fire effects textrues…

To make your own, you can just use gimp, make a 128x128 image with transparent background, then simply goto Filters>Lighting effects>Gflaire… from there you will be greeted with a nice menu for doing all kinds of corona and spark effects. (be sure to hit the edit button to tweak the fine points such as size and colors)

and here you can get the file… just unpack it to retrieve the textures for the chrome, and flame effects…

hope you like it… :slight_smile:

Very nice example but the Flame needs abit of work.
You can make a normal flame image and just animated so it looks like a real flame and as for the smoke try to make it going up but stright.

Sorry I suck at explaining let me just uplaod what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

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