Free Seamless Textures From Spiral Graphics

I just saw this on, Spiral Graphics has released a new seamless texture pack with about 150 materials (they have two older packs available as well). You can get them from

The catch is that although the packs contain JPEG previews, the materials are in the GTX procedural texture format which I am not familiar with. I think this release is mainly to promote their Genetica texture editing software so I am not sure how useful they will be to Blender users.

How easy/hard is it to work with GTX files?

It’s a quite good soft which works with procedural texture nodes and even generates (mediocre) normal maps. If you are good at blendering you don’t need it. However, i wouldn’t say the money is wasted and woodworkshop is free. On the other hand it has lots of competitors like texturemaker or

i need a specal software just to view the textures F*&% that