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Summer 2016

Hello, I am Hasan,21 years old absolute beginner 3D artist from belgium you can also call me Artnova.
every summer i will do Volunteer 3D Projects If you would like me as volunteer for this summer and for non commercial projects Just reply me here I will Accept 1 Projects

I will not only work in the summer free for you guys but also for a whole year or more. Full time FREE

How much time i will Invest?
Currently I’m a newb almost zero experience but 6-9+ hours a day? of course for 1 projects Max

My Projects so far
Can’t really Post them because they are gone yup i did not post online or etc but i really impressed my brother once

Why am i doing this?

I’m kind of seeking a motivation and i really want to get good at 3D for my own Personal Projects and also i am a computer addict.


Tozan35 //Accepted.

I use all kind of software mostly FREE examples are (Blender, Natron, Unreal Engine 4, Krita, Logic Pro X)



I’m interested in any volunteers, I’ve got a big massive project, sci fi space game.
I need a Jelly monster made, I need a Flan, they are also known as Puddings.
in my game they dwell in the sewers.

Let me know what u think, ofcourse this is a prototype made less in a hour.

I like what I’m seeing., its nice clean work. its a simple cute little baby flan, but stll useful. Here’s the
project website i’m working on.


Yes your little flan looks very cutesy, but looking like the Teletubbies with a tiny little mouth, he won’t intimidate anyone at the moment except for terorizing some babies to take their rattles.

The flan needs to look like you wished you had never stepped foot near the creature.

This screenshot is just the windows mock up console version of the game. Its not the 3d engine version.

But I put your blue little flan as well as my own drawn in one to try to show the concept of what I’m looking for, as i need the flan to blend in with the storyline elements of a dirty filthy sewer. When the flan is all bright blue and clean as a whistle and not a speck of slime is on him, he don’t fit the storyline elements of the environment very well that’s he is in. I’m not too good at doing art so that’s my attempt to try to show the idea for the flan.

Oh was thinking of puttnig a little shock device on his head, Plasma Shock.


Thanks for compliment :slight_smile:
Okay, this is supposed to be a jelly monster you can call it flan also if u want i can share the blend file with you or modify it for you.

Do you have Skype or something? only texting

Well Thats it , I’m ending my service thanks to 2 guys Hate them I’m contacting my ISP if they contact me again.

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The Jobs forums are for offers of work, not for soliciting your services.

Thanks Fweeb :slight_smile: Tozan35 contact me again pls I will make it work for you game i am really interested and i’m sorry that i just gave up suddenly but it was only for few seconds I am kind of a guy who gets fast upset…

To the other 2 guys Don’t contact me pls its harassment :frowning:

Fweeb, why did you move the thread? I thought I put my ad up in the correct place when I posted the ad up asking for any voluntary non-paid work to be done on my game.

You do understand that the project I doing is purely voluntary. Its not paid work. That’s why I put my ad up for my game asking for help in the voluntary work section. I believe I have got a good game idea going, but it needs 3d to bring the idea to life so its not just a script.

What other things do you do?, apart from making 3d models?
Do you do any Animation with 3d models?, or know how to rig them?

Have you used a game engine before? If so, what game engine or engines are you experienced in?
Have you ever programmed any code?
Or Done any artwork?

I’m just interested in knowing what other skills you have.

The thread was moved because the original post was not about your game. It was about Artnova declaring availability for any project. That type of thread isn’t what the Jobs forums are for. If you want people to volunteer for your particular project, I recommend that you create your own thread.

There should be an subforum for people who are offering their service free or paid can that happen?


I’ve contacted you :slight_smile: