Free site host

Do anyone know any good, free and adfree webhotel that allow me to do a site in swedish? I think it’s really hard to find anyone.

I have an account at freewebs but they only allow 50 files and I want to be able to expand.

You could try for web hosting. I have a few sites I’ve built hosted by them. They offer 100 meg storage, help forums, and a database as well. They are free and have no pop-ups. The only thing is that sometimes they close space requests in order to give their admins/mods time to go through all the requests. You have to give a description of the type of site you want to build and it must be in a European language. They are very flexible in the types they will allow and mainly only disallow warez sites, hack sites, anything illegal, and porn. If the first time you check them out they aren’t accepting, just keep checking back with them from time to time. They usually don’t close requests for very long.


Just checked them out and right now signups are closed, but like I said, you can keep checking back and they should be taking requests soon. If I can catch a friend of mine that works with them I’ll try to find out when they will be accepting again.

Thanks I will try that one out. Is there support for HTML code or is it WYSIWYG crap.

Thanks for trying to help, Crouch, but Googlepages SUCKS. The only thing I use them for is that they have much storage, so I can link to it from freewebs. The reason why Googlepages suck is that you can only choose a t3emplate you can’t make anything all by yourself. Also I want to be able to say that I’ve done it all by myself, if I use Googlepages then googlepages made the site, not me.

So please if there come in more suggestions fon’t suggest stuff like googlepages.

If you don’t need any PHP and it’s 30 meg or less, you can use their and that’s approved instantly. Here’s the info on that:

XT Host offers:

  • 30MB webspace,
  • browser and ftp upload,
  • ad-free webhosting,
  • no registration required
  • short domain:,
  • for free.
    just pick a username and click create

**Oh…and you can use your own html…I don’t think they have any pre-made templates you have to use

Well you cannot put a lot of files like mp3 and stuff on it, but is pretty good. set back is that the files… unless you have a payment plan, have to be only 500k or less.

At this site: they have lists of different web hosts… some have ads and some dont, but it is a good long list, you can also search for certain things you may want from a host to narrow it down.

Also if you want a nice web site design program this one: is what I use.

Thanks for those free host sites.
I have been after some web storage too. :slight_smile:

If you give me your email address, I will send you an invite to gmail. You can pm it if you like.

thanks ebow3d :slight_smile:
… however after I posted that message, I tried gmail again to sign up with my mobile and it worked - i don’t know why it never did before ??? - so I tried to delete the request off the post - as you can see. now to try the