free size on create primitive

(Ghostil) #1

Tell me please, can I make such a script to create primitives?
Ie I want that at creation of a cube it was possible to it to set at once any rammer, instead of as now 1 size and then it is scaled?

(Ghostil) #2

Interactive Creation You can position and scale primitives as you create them using your mouse, without having to use transformation tools.
This options in Maya.

(RickyBlender) #3

when adding primitive you can set parameters in the tool panel!

but also possible to create any kind of primitive with script !

happy bl

(AFWS) #4

isn’t the area with those settings considered the operator panel? Either way, it’s the same side as tool panel, LOL.

(RickyBlender) #5

yes it is but also with F6 key for pop up panel

but depends what he wants to do ?
may be make new kind of primitive with specific parameters
which can be done with script !

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