free software for animated-gifs

is there a software for cnverting sth. like that: pic001.gif pic002.gif ; … into an animation?

uhh, well there is the gimp

[each layer is a frame, and in parenthesis is specfied the blending mode [optional] and hte time for the frame [also optional], so "Backgorund (100ms replace) … might explain parts better, but that was merely the first thing I found (not the best)]

or microsoft gif animator [also very painful to use], which you ought to be able to download for free somewhere

you need gimp and GAP…
GAP can import a series of numbered images as layers and then you can save it as a .gif

but beware…read the GAP docs carefully, as ease of use is not given at first glimpse.
you might find it also handy to use a batch converter for your images first.


It is VERY simple, just drag the images into the field, set the frame rate, and click the button. If you are looking for more features, though, I do not think this is what you want.


thx for the answers…