Free Software to Create My Own 3D Scanned Textures?

Hey friends,

I would love to make custom textures out of the things around my home, or nearby areas (walls, wood, dirt, carpet, etc), both for the exciting fun of making my own 3D textures, but also to alleviate the pain of daily download limits at popular texture websites.

If I wanted to make a true 3D scan with a normal dSLR camera, is there any particular free/FOSS software you recommend? I’ve seen that people on youtube are using “Visual SFM” and “Meshlab” to map full objects in 3D space, using only photographs. But I would like to only make a simple texture for now; not a full object.

Just to clarify, I want the fully realistic 3D scan. Not tweaking the original photo in GIMP until it seems like a normal map.

Any ideas?

crazybump or insanebump do this, but it’s still based on one photo and some back-end manipulation. There are some very hokey old school methods using a flashlight to get normal info, but that is still hit and miss. Visual SFM might be your best bet if you want a realistic 3d scan, for no money.

in regards of textures from photos - AwesomeBump

otherwise as you’ve seen, take a few photos of a flat object & you’ll get the mesh - consider it as a facade :wink:

couple of free open tools


Multi-View Environment

Thank you for your suggestions. Is there a method I could use to split a plane mesh into texture files? ie mesh to -> albedo + heightmap + normal + roughness? I barely know what a “bake” is yet, but I don’t know if that could apply here or not.