free sound effect websites?

I need sound effects for my game, and dont realy know how to do them myself, so does anybody have any good free sound effect websites?

Sound America has quite a few, but you have to wade through a lot of pop-ups at the site. has a good number of sounds usefull in a game. You could probably find something you need there.

Some of the best sites I’ve found are and Sound Dogs. I know the first site is Creative Commons, but I’m not sure what the terms are for sounds found on Sound Dogs.

I can create almost anything you want, but the above mentioned sites are good sources. FindSounds especially.

Freesound has a very ironic name considering the strict legalese they make you wade through to use their sounds. I considered using them, but it’s just too much trouble. Back to the old way: making my own.

What you need to make your own sounds:
-Audacity (program)

That’s really all you need. A laptop is also a good thing, so that you can record sounds that aren’t nearby your computer.

You can also search ‘Royalty Free Music/Sound Effects’ to wade through lots.
There are also some really good Music Creation Programs at Source Forge.
At your local Magazine Shop in the computor section there are some good Mags that have both Programs for creating Music and many have Free Sample Music/Effects too.
Always check the terms of use for anything you do not create yourself.

Or read - actualy telling you what the licence is, rather than making you guess!

You’re free to use these sounds even for comersial projects - as long as you credit the creators of the sounds.