Free sound effects and music

Hi Everyone.

I couldn’t find a forum for sounds, so I thought I’d post this here.

There are a lot of YouTube channels which offer sound effects for video makers. Many of these channels are sourcing their sounds from but they aren’t being open and honest about the license terms for the sounds. Anyone using these sounds risks being in breach of copyright and having their work taken down.

If you need royalty-free sounds, you’re better off getting them directly from freesound. The technical quality is often better and you can check that the license of the sound is compatible with your intended use. Also there’s a helpful user community there, so if you can’t find the sound you want, they’ll often attempt to create it for you.

This isn’t about plugging freesound, it’s about spreading the word about the dangers of getting sound effects from YouTube. Please help spread the word if you can. is not a commercial site, it’s run by the Music Technology Group at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. All the sounds are royalty-free, but it’s sometimes necessary to give a credit to the sound creator. And some sounds are licensed only for non-commercial use.

Thanks for your time.