Free Sound FX Resource

Hello, everyone! I have started working as a sound designer/ music composer. To further master my skills, I decided to create free sound effects on my spare time for use by people with the Attribution 3.0 license. Feel free to suggest some ideas to me as I’m just starting up so cut me some slacks!

As of today,

I have posted some FREE sound FX for you:

We have:

Sci-Fi Rifle Bolt Lever Cycle 1

Sci-fi Bullet Whiz By 1
– What a sci-fi RAMJET bullet might sound like

Sci-Fi Shotgun Reload 1

Sci-Fi Vacuum/Grinder Machine
– Inspired by a factory machine I stumbled upon lol

If you use these in your project, be sure to credit me by providing a link to my site ( to avoid any copyright issues.

if you see this on other forums, it’s more updated here than anywhere else.


Hello everyone,

I’ve posted more music, both paid and free:

Sci-fi Carbine 1

Sci-fi Carbine 2

Sci-fi Carbine 3

Sci-Fi Carbine 4

Light Machine Gun 1

Sci-fi Shotgun 1

Free stuff

Sci-fi Armored Car Engine

  • The hum of a fictional engine

Sci-FI Lightning Rifle Bolt Hit 1

  • Anything hit will combust into flames

You can also try for the same.