Free Spaceship model, but there's a catch. ;)

So, I was bored and made this spaceship in about twenty minutes. I’m giving it out for free, and while it may not be the best, I hope people use it. That being said, I wast something in return for my gift. If you download the spaceship, I want you to make it yours, as in customize it, and then post the render and screen of your scene back here. I got this idea while browsing the forum for models one day and wondered, “what happens to all the models people download?”

Anyway, Screenie and render are below. There are three different ships, they are located in the second set of layers. Layer 1 has the basic mirror modifier mesh. Layer two has mirror with subsurf, and layer three has everything applied.

So take this and I hope to see what becomes of this.

And if this is the wrong place to post, my bad. :o

Oh, and it’s called a Vantar speeder cause I thought it sounded cool.



Spaceship-Vantar Speeder.blend (295 KB)

im doin an animation. this is one of the frames. borrowing your nice ship:)