Free stuff with Links - read some of these post and then get back to work terrible web name

BaseMeshMale.blend (927 KB) - BaseMesh/Humanoid

Just found this site I wanted to share. Free stuff (like textures) and affordable pricing on other stuff.

Deviant artist link: Free textures and models(FBX format) Someone has to design this stuff and that person might be you(free tutorials)

sweet link man. thanks

Yeah, the textures look pretty good. The BMP format isn’t great. Seems like PNG files would be the way to go for compressed, high-quality textures. Anyway, great link, thanks!

No prob! There are a couple sweet texture packs to be had.
I can see these as prototyping textures and placeholders.

Added link.

Added a base mesh I am working on. Should make a great sculpt base. I am also hoping its rigs and animates nice. If anyone has some feedback on it , that would be great.

These are some good sites for indie’s

Sweet link to help inspire and get you in your right side brain. Videogames aint gonna conceptaulize themselves!

New link with tutorials. Some 3DS Max stuff, but hey its the practice not the program .

Added a link with some good blogging to remind us that dreams and hobbies require a certain amount of commitment. Try and keep it fun but remember it wont always be fun. Try and be inspired but remember you can still work without inspiration. A commitment will lead to a foundation and a foundation will keep us from giving up.