Free Tank model

I am looking for some free tank model?

Where can I get it?

ArchiDOM has a couple of T-34 models in 3ds format, you’ll have to import them. The site is in Russian, right click and save target as to download the file.

hmm there one model… thats looks nice and low-poly…

But its in .max format…

How can I get it to Blender…?

I know that I can import 3ds… But what about .max?

Not sure what you’re looking at, Armen. The page I cited has two T-34 models, (different years, one’s the T-34 76, the other is the T-34 85) and they both have 3ds links. Are the links dead?

No… other page… Before it…

there one tank model…
And it seem like low-poly… and looks not too bad.

Oh. Yeah, only a max link. I don’t think Blender imports max files. You’d probably need to find someone with a copy of max, have them export to some format that Blender can import.
The models on the page I cited are pretty high poly.