Free Texture

I started so others could use the photos I took for textures. Its not a big site right now, but its growing. I’m not a photographer, but I hope someone can find them useful:).

“Images in the Free Textures section may be used for personal or commercial use. All images in this section were taken by me. They may not be redistributed and or sold in an underived form. They may not be redistributed and or sold as a texture in any way. Credit is always nice, but not required. No need to point out their flaws at the moment. Old poor quality pictures will be phased out with new ones in time.”

Hopefully this will post this time(9th try is a charm right?:()

pretty cool. Thanks!

The ones on the site are larger, full sized pics are usually 4000x3000

I will be shutting my site down sometime in December when my service with the host expires.

Would love to have your Flickr page, or anywhere you post your photography.