Free textured and normal mapped aw magnum sniper model

heres free model for anyone to use for free aslong as i get some credit for the model. intended for glsl but still looks pretty nice in texface.
heres the download link:


Very nice, accurate model, and thank you for giving it away for free. Since you’re giving it away for free I suggest you specifically define a creative commons license (website: It gives you some protection from people misusing your work, and some legal ground for them to attribute the work to you.

The overall model has good form, and nice details, but the topology is a bit heavy for game engine use.

Great model, would love to see it on

Nice, thanks man, I’m making my first short film (with the help of some non-blenderers for sfx and music) and I think i’ll use you model. will definitly mention you in the credits and send you a link when it’s done (wont be for a few months i think.)