Free Textures

EDIT: 1/2/09

If anyone is reading this thread - I’m making lots of changes to my texture site. I’ll be adding models for sale soon. There is one up now, in .3ds format (don’t ask…it’s just the format I happened to upload to the purchasing system first.). Anywho, look for more textures, models and materials coming soon.

I have just created a website offering more than 500 free textures. I will continually add more, but this is just a start.


Thank you very much sir! Very useful textures!


Tell your friends…I’ll keep adding to it.


Any objections to me adding it to my list of resources?

Click on Resources in my signature below.

Please do, and thanks!

Very nice site, by the way. One suggestion. On your render page, if I close the image, I close the site. I’d change the target tag to:" _blank". It’s on “_self” now

That way, people will remain on you site.

6/15/08 Update: I have added a few hundred or so textures to the site. Mostly in stone, ornament and tombstone categories.

Yay, thanks for the update!
By the way this is on my sticky list :wink:

Oh yes, just to let you know, your site doesn’t work very wel on Opera (latest version)
It shows the textures, but they are the are stacked diagonally across the page like steps.
However it works fine with Firefox.

Damn…I tested it on Mozilla, IE and Safari(?) the mac one…What the hell is wrong with browser people? I made it very simple…
Thanks. I’ll see what I can do!

Jeeeez! I just had a look at it in opera. The strange thing is that the main texture category page and the individual pages are are the same code - just bigger thumbs…I guess I’ll put a notice on the page untill I can fix it. It’s probably something to do with padding…
While I’m here…can anyone tell me what the problem is? I’m not familiar with opera.

I LOVE YOUR SITE! I’ve gotten tons of textures off of there already.

Thank you very much. Tell your friends please! I’ll be adding more every week or so depending on how busy I am. I go for long walks through cemetaries and old buildings on the weekends…You know, average, ordinary things to do. I’ve got 509 textures up so far, but I should have 1000+ in a few months.

Your site is GREAT but I think you should add a wireframe of your model.

I have a lot of free textures If they could help at all.

thanks for you textures they are good.

Though i have a problem with the site: i cannot rght click, it doesnt say you cant, it just doenst do anything. i can right click on where the textures pop up so i can save them though. Is this an intention? I use internet explorer.

Yes - the no right click was intentional. I was originally going to give some away and sell others. I didabled the right click with a Java script, and I also didabled image tools in IE. I could probably remove them, as I’m giving everything away. As you say, you can save the textures, so I don’t suppose it matters. But I’ll remove them as I hate unnecessary junk in html.
As far as adding a wire frame, I’m not sure I care. It’s a free model…on the other hand, I may save unnecessary downloads. Well, I’ll put that on the list! Lots to do. I think as I get more textures I’ll need more categories and more organization. It’s ok to scroll through 60 images, but a few hundred would be annoying.
Thanks for you support.

Sure, sounds good. I will try to figure out how to private message you to discuss this. Thanks

Ok :wink: About the non-right-click, that wont stop people from using them. Trust me, there are other ways of getting the images.

Well, yes.You can of course just left click the image, and of course anyone who has some understanding of the internet can defeat that no right click thing. Of course, since I am giving them away, I don’t care. It was just in case I decided to sell some.

Yes - the no right click was intentional.


Ok :wink: About the non-right-click, that wont stop people from using them. Trust me, there are other ways of getting the images.

thats for sure:o

I have about 100 textures you can put on your site if you like, I would like to people to use them. Just ask me and i can upload them or something.