Free textures

I wanted to post a couple of textures for free as a thank you for all the knowledge that I have gained from this forum regarding the game engine. At times it seems the signal to noise ratio is pretty low here. Too many people posting the same questions over and over without searching, but hidden within all that is some great knowledge.

Feel free to use the images however you want, commercially or not–they are completely free. Images were made in Genetica and are seamless.

We’ll start off with a stone texture and a matching normal map.

I am new at this uploading, so let me know if there is a better way to do this. I will have more in the future.


This is a good texture, thanks! it’s nicely stylized, and repeats quite well.

If you plan on putting many more images up, I recommend putting them on a different site (say, a webpage made in google spaces) and perhaps put them all in a zip so they can easily be downloaded as a pack.

PS the signal-to-noise thing is, I think, because we get a lot of beginners and people who are new to forums here, and they don’t quite yet get that they should search for their problem before posting.

Thanks Captain. I will look into putting a page up at some point. Too busy at the moment. As for the beginners, point taken.

Another signal to noise problem is because even if you do think to search, lot’s of forum search engines (like this one) suck!
I’ve read a post here, so I know it’s here, and I can’t find it later.

You can always search the site with google, which I think most people will agree is a pretty darned good search engine.

Yep :yes:

thanks a lot .

Very nice. Keep going.